In this issue we have four diverse articles that are united by the theme of vision and transformation. From a life changing vision of light that changed the artist’s ideas of the scope of the mosaic medium to a monumental community transformation of environment and civic pride in Chile. We have the transformation of a Victorian church interior in Newcastle into a vision of Paradise in the north, and the unwelcoming railway underpasses of Lambeth transformed, by hanging mosaic versions of William Blake’s images, into an art gallery. The articles in this 8th issue are: Elaine M. Goodwin: Dissolving into Light, The Creative Journey of Elaine M. Goodwin; Nancie Mills Pipgras: The Art of Community Transformation, Monumental Mosaic Murals in Chile; Gregory Edwards: Tygers Burning Bright, William Blake, Poet and Painter, in Mosaic; Neil Moat: Hodie Mecum Eris in Paradiso, Messrs. Rust & Co’s Mosaics at St George’s Church, Jesmond, Newcastle on Tyne.

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