New workshop with Sherri Warner Hunter

Did you miss out on Sherri Warner Hunter's workshop in York or can't get to the Forum?

Sherri will be repeating her Carved Concrete Forms workshop at

London School of Mosaic on Tuesday 15th October from 9am to 6pm

181 Mansfield Road, LONDON NW3 2HP

Tickets via the Forum Eventbrite page

Concrete can be worked in many ways, depending on its consistency and set. The set point in concrete depends upon how far the chemical reaction that takes place to making concrete hard has advanced. The consistency of the mix has to do with the desired end product. There are different ‘recipes’ for concrete, depending on how you want it to function.

Participants in this workshop will be a using basic mortar mix for this process and simple tools to carve, when the time is right. This is a process that Sherri has learned from Elder Jones ( and utilises in her own work.

There will be time in the workshop for a basic introduction to working with concrete and to view examples, as you wait for the concrete to reach the optimum consistency and set point for carving. This introductory course will provide you with the basic information and tools to continue experimenting in your own studio.