Mega Mosaic Makers: Practical Advice

Competition organiser Anne Cardwell recognises some schools find the idea of making a mosaic rather daunting, "there is a  certain amount of technical know how that is required in order to make a mosaic and install it properly - you do not want to commit hours to a project only to find it falling to pieces a few years later". To this end a worksheet about how to go about making a mosaic in a school - written by Oliver Budd, a talented, experienced artist and veteran of many school projects and public art installations, is now available on this website see 'typical school project'



There are also many other useful  hints and tips and sample projects written by Anne on the Mega Mosaic Makers website, also under 'education'. We strongly encourage schools to take a look at this information and hope they find it helpful and exhaustive, please note: your feedback on this section is most welcome and valuable.


If you would like to join a mailing list to be kept up to date with news about Mega Mosaic Makers please contact Anne Cardwell via BAMM.


from sponsor, TOPPS TILES

An important part of being a "good neighbour" for Topps Tiles is ensuring we are active in the communities' local to our stores and places where we work. We have a strong corporate social responsibility ethic at Topps and this is reflected in the work we do within our community and charity programmes.


Mosaic art is fast becoming a growing craft across the UK and Topps is proud to lead the way supporting the promotion of mosaic as both a public art and an educational craft skill for children across the country. The level of submissions in the Mega Mosaic Makers Competition has been outstanding and now in our fourth year of support, our enthusiasm and commitment remains unwavering to this fabulous competition, that allows primary schools to have the opportunity to showcase their work on a national stage.


"Topps Tiles is delighted to be part of Mega Mosaic Makers. Last year’s competition was a huge success and we are looking forward to another sponsorship year.  Making mosaics is all about tiles and it is exciting to see how children use them to create such wonderful art.  We work with many schools and groups on community mosaic projects, and, thanks to Mega Mosaic Makers, primary schools now have the opportunity to showcase their work on a national stage"


If you are a teacher or artist with a successful project to share please contact this website and we will feature it.


If you are a professional mosaic artist and a BAMM member and would like to be listed on our new  artists in education contact page on the Mega Mosaic Makers site please contact Anne Cardwell (via BAMM).