Mega Mosaic Makers: Introduction

We have now closed our school competition due to Topps Tiles withdrawing funding in 2014. We want to take this opportunity to thank Topps Tiles for years of support, creating so many opportunities for mosaics to flourish in education settings. There is still fantastic information for projects here We are now focussing our energy on a new initiative ‘funded mosaic packs’ with sponsor Hobby Island Mosaic and organised by Art4Space


MEGA MOSAIC MAKERS 2014 is an annual art competition sponsored by Topps Tiles.

It's aims are


  • To run an annual primary school mosaic art competition.
  • To make funding available to schools to assist with future mosaic projects
  • To engage children from an early age so they may be our craftmakers of the future.


About the Topps Tiles Mega Mosaics School Competition
This online competition with it's own dedicated website (, is organised by BAMM and sponsored by Topps Tiles. It aims to identify and celebrates the best in UK mosaic craft making. The competition, created in 2008, accepts entries annually, via it's website, between January and Easter. The next competition will run from January 2014, please visit the site for more details on how to enter. 


Consider entering in 2014.
All entries are warmly welcomed and could win oneof the amazing prizes donated by Topps Tiles,  (£1,200 worth of mosaic materials are on offer, see prizes page - any mosaic about any theme is eligible for the competition. Any British primary school may enter, work made with teachers, parents helpers or professional artists are all accepted. Entries from schools with older children with disabilities are also encouraged. 


President of BAMM and competition judge Gary Drostle said; "The British Association for Modern Mosaic is very excited to see the continued development of the Mega Mosaic Competition. 2012 has been a great spotlight for both sporting and cultural activities across the UK and we enjoyed seeing the mosaic contributions our schools made towards this Olympic event.".


Would your school like free mosaic tiles? In 2012 Mega Mosaic Makers helped schools celebrate the greatest sporting event in the world, the Olympics, by providing over 20 schools with fabulous boxes of mixed tiles worth over £200 each.  From January 2014 there will be another opportunity to apply for one of our  mosaic packs. Apply via the Mega Mosaic Makers site under 'apply for funding', please apply between Jan and March, packs will be sent out in April 2014. Packs are free, successful schools will be informed before the Easter break, unfortunately we do not have the resources to reply to all the unsuccessful schools, but a list of schools will be published.


The competition judging panel.
The competition is judged by emminent UK mosaicists, Gary Drostle, David Tootill. David founded Southbank Mosaics in 2004 and employs a small team of artists, he loves making mosaic art and thinking of ways to make his neighbourhood more attractive; he wants to keep working until he is at least 90!! He believes that this competition will help instill a love of the medium of mosaic..."children can learn to enjoy and understandthis most durable of art forms at an early age, then it will open up and connect with many other skills". Gary Drostle is currently president of BAMM, Gary has been making large scale public mosaics for over twenty years including many school and community mosaics.


At this time we are looking for a third judge for 2014, if you are a member of BAMM, feel you have relevant mosaic experience and an enthusiasm for children's art please contact Anne Cardwell via BAMM.