Reflections in the Glass Mosaics


Oba's Crown #4
Obas Crown %234 Reflections in the Glass Mosaics Interior 3DObas Crown %234 Reflections in the Glass Mosaics Interior 3DObas Crown %234 Reflections in the Glass Mosaics Interior 3D

Oba's Crown #4

Inspired by the Adenla or Oba's crown (elaborate conical head-dress) of the Yoruba tribe rulers. I have used both direct and indirect method, on a hand sculpted wire and cement base. Weight 18kg

Vitreous glass tiles, glass and smalti




 " I can remember the origin of each individual fragment. Each tiny piece means something to me."

Jacqueline Brinkhorst studied Fine Art at the Robert Gordon University Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland, where she specialised in Printmaking.  She has also painted in oils and acrylic.  On moving to Miri, Sarawak, she turned her attention to Mosaic. 

She is inspired by the colours, patterns and textures of mosaic and especially by its versatiliy and chameleon like quality.

"Glass mosaic is something I can integrate into my personal style, I can use it in an “unconventional way” if I wish, there are no rules as far as I am concerned, unlike with painting.  Mostly I set out with an idea in my mind, which I know will develop and change considerably from beginning to end, I like this uncertainty and especially enjoy seeing what develops.  I lay each piece of glass or tile side by side, I make my decision depending on how I feel the colour shape and texture adds to the developing piece, it is almost like a new painting medium".

Masks have been a major pre-occupation of Jacqueline's work whilst living in Malaysia, reflecting those of the indegenous tribes of Borneo, yet her works also look further afield to Africa and other parts of Asia.

Jacqueline currently lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia