Francesca Busca


Francesca Busca

Francesca Busca

United Kingdom


  • Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara, Murano, Venice
  • World Wide Art/Artavita, Santa Barbara
Lust for Life (Frida)

Lust for Life (Frida)

"Frida", 2016.

Mosaic and mixed media: ceramic, glass, millefiori, beads, shells, metal, paintbrush, paint on wood, direct method. Mostly made with recycled/upcycled material.

To a fascinating and bewildering beauty whose constant closeness to death pushed her to live her life with insatiable and unwavering curiosity. Hail Frida!

Selected for the "Frida Kahlo – Lust for Life" Exhibition at the Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU between 4 – 31 August 2016.

Mosaic and mixed media



My mission is to make Mosaics ROCK. I want to show this art to the world under a whole new light: no longer as a static piece, but rather as a work of art which can be incredibly rich… the very nature of its texture and just the subtle tilt of a tile allow for different colours, reflections and shades depending on the angle of sight: chances are that no two viewers will see it the same way at the same time.

Torn between optimism and surrender, I am haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction. Yet, I still believe in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through recycling and upcycling. I am fascinated by the colours and textures of both artificial and natural elements, which I enthusiastically hunt for in everyday life and restlessly play with in new combinations, pairing and contrasting noble material with rubbish. My aim is to prove their reciprocal need, how rubbish is a relative definition and how it can be turned into something useful, fun and even beautiful. 

The long time it takes to create a mosaic is both a challenge and a bliss. As I start a piece I ache with ideas I want to realise: however it takes discipline, a critical eye and a lot of patience to transform them into artwork.   Yet by the time I finish the piece, it is mind-blowing to see how just one of those ideas has pushed me to experiment in so many different ways that not only I feel pleasantly enriched with new skills, but also my fingers itch to get onto the next piece to start afresh with the next idea!!!


In my early life I challenged myself by focusing on things that did not come naturally to me (e.g. studying Classics and going into Law). Yet, I tried for years to placate my internal restlessness by living in different countries and cultures (Pordenone, Padua, Denver, London, Paris, New York...); When I reached 40, with the responsibility of a mother, I settled between London and Trieste and found my outlet in what I liked and did best, namely using my hands to create. 

Art exhibitions, painting and modelling clay were regular hobbies which never satiated my inherent creative nature.

Finally one day, I entered the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, in Spilimbergo: a whole new world of WONDERS opened up.

I wanted to learn how to do it properly. I found a delightful place in London, Southbank Mosaics, where I did a first Award course - a place which I am still regularly and enthusiastically attending twice a week. Then I attended a course in Roman mosaics at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, another Certificate at Southbank Mosaics, other courses in Byzantine and Modern mosaics in Spilimbergo, and promptly enrolled on many other courses… Italy, Turkey, and what else!

Whilst developing my own style, my aim is to constantly push myself beyond my creative boundaries: experimenting with different subjects, colours, materials, textures, depth, tools or methods…I have finally found my calling.