Lea Bisio




Glass mosaic, porcelain, tempera, plaster



In the image of the Mosaic I made 2008.

The technique combined whit Mosaic and tempera painting.

I have made several works By the same technique,  that  you can visit

Facebook or Twitter, LeaBisio. Also Pinterest can be Found in my Works.

Br. Lea Bisio


I am a self-taught mosaic artist. I've painted oil paints for decades and in 2008 I made my first mosaic. I've done interiors for Finnish companies and private homes. Over the decades I have done graphic design for clients and designed jewelery sets jewelry industry. Mosaic has stolen my heart forever. In June 2015 I am mosaic exhibition in  Leporanta  Art Center http://www.leporannantaidekeskus.net/. Welcome to the beautiful summery Finland.