Rosanna Henderson


Sun and Moon (detail)

Sun and Moon (detail)

Detail of left hand side (moon) from main picture.



 Rosanna Henderson – Mosaic Artist

I am a mosaic artist making vibrant, contemporary mosaic art for indoor and outside space.

I make mosaics because I love the creative process and take pride in the finished result. I was introduced to mosaic-making in 2007 and was immediately hooked. Since then my skills have developed through experimentation, trial and error, with help, advice and inspiration from others. I’ve become fascinated by the possibilities and scope this wonderful art form offers.

I love colour and nature and I spend a lot of time outdoors which provides me with my main inspiration.

I use traditional glass and ceramic tiles (known as tesserae), smalti and stone. I often incorporate stained glass, pebbles, jewellery and other mixed media items. These give another dimension to my mosaics adding more interest, texture and depth.

Being a professional member of BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic) enables me to continue to reinterpret this ancient art form to make it relevant to todays audience.   Mosaic art is my passion and my aim is to open people’s minds to the variety and varied forms a mosaic may take.

Thank you for taking an interest in my work and I hope you enjoy looking at my portfolio.


2015 - October: 'The Marple Collection' - an exhibition of exciting new work at South Street Gallery

2015 - August: Invited to join the co-operative of artists at the new 'South Street Gallery' in Isleworth.

2015 - July: Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop invited me to display my work on a permanent basis.

2015 - June/July:  Richmond Open Studios - exhibited at Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, St. Margarets.

2015 - March: Got my work into 'North East Art Collective' Gallery' in Northumberland.

2015 - March: 3rd year in 'All Original' shop.

2014 - October: Went to their AGM and joined BAMM.

2014 - August: Completed The Log Cabin community project.

2014 - June/July: Took part in ARThouse - Richmond Open Studios with photographer Peter Oliver and 4 other artists, based at The Beany Boo Cafe in Whitton.

2014 - March: 2nd year in 'All Original' shop.

2014 - January: Exhibited at Court Farm Gallery

2013 - December: Made and raffled a large outdoor mosaic, raised £1,250 for The Log Cabin.

2013 - December: Art and Craft Sale at Pitshanger Methodist Hall.

2013 - March: Started selling my work in the new designer/maker shop 'All Original' in Ealing.

2012 - December: Art and Craft Sale at Pitshanger Methodist Hall.

2012 - October: Started selling my work in a designer/maker shop in Whitley Bay, Northumberland.

2012 - October: Demonstration evenings at Hobbycraft in Greenford.

2012 - August: Started on a voluntary community project, making several large outdoor mosaics for The Log Cabin children's charity in West London. 90% materials were donated by small local businesses.

2012 - July: I was invited to demonstrate at the Traditional Crafts Weekend at The Wetlands Centre in Barnes

2011 - December: My friend Sally who introduced me to Osterley and makes beautiful textile work, suggested we organise an Art and Craft  Sale locally at Pitshanger Methodist Hall, inviting local artists we knew to take part. 

2011 - July/August: 2nd Exhibition at The Garden Gallery, Osterley House.

2011 - April: Exhibition at Runnymede Gallery, Old Windsor.

2010 - December: Christmas Craft Fair at Osterley House.

2010 - April / May: First exhibition at The Garden Gallery, Osterley House, a National Trust Property. My friend Sally sent me an application formand I filled it in! I loved the whole experience and was amazed at the amount I sold.

2009 - October: Got a few pieces of my work into local Ealing shops; Stems flower shop and Barbara Tobias dressmaking studio.

2009 -  March: Julia had originally been taugh mosaic by her friend Aimee Harman - an amazing mosaic artist who's website had really inspired me after that first introduction. Julia and I did a weekend course with Aimee in her fantastic studio - a day of fused glass and then a day of mosaic, incorporating our glass pieces. 

2008 - September: Following the Ros Waites course I did the odd mirror and pot but didn't really have a mosaic focus. During a weekend trip to Bath I stumbled across the Mosaic Shop on Poultney Bridge and it was like stepping into an Aladins Cave! A riot of beautiful mosaics tiles in different materials and wonderful colours. They also had templates so I bought a 'zebra design' and that gave me my focus. This was the point where I got 'hooked' on mosaics, I was off!

2008 - April: My friend Anne had also got interested in mosaics and she suggested we did a course. Did a beginners weekend course with Ros Waites, where I was taught how to cut and place, learnt aout the different materials, techniques and basics of mosaic.

 2007 - 29th July:  Met Julia for the first time and she encouraged me to make my first mosaic, a small coaster.