Naomi Selig


Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate tree

This was a commission by Finchley Progressive Synagogue commemorating 60 years. This was a community project- involving people from ages 3 to 90.

Stained glass and porcelain



 I began making mosaics 15 years ago and my work now features in homes in the United Kingdom and abroad. My pieces range from practical pieces for the house, such as tables and kitchen worktop backs; decorative pieces such as frames, floors and fire surrounds; fine art pictures and pictures for children's rooms; garden pieces such as pools , terraces, tables. 

As you will see form my website, my inspiration is broad - from the Mahabarata myths of India, to portraits of indiviuals and  places like the Grand canal in Venice. 

Most recently I have been inspired by Building Sites - the accidental  beauty in construction and destruction- in the most unexpected of places.

I also love  patterns  and abstractions in Mosaic  inspired for example by Islamic work, or abstract artists.

In the past few years I have also been involved in Community projects such as the Synagogue project which involved people from age 3 - 93 in making a beautiful pomegranate tree which now flanks the entrance of the synagogue. More recently I have created with contributions from 40 people, a wonderful scene featuring a tree of life wiht all sorts of birds, animals and flowers against a rustic Tuscan scene. This will be installed in a new community centre "The LarchesTrust" for adults with learning difficuties. I am about to start on a new project in an inner London primary school working with the whole school.


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