Robin R James


Day and Night

Day and Night

Mosaic feature wall displayed at Malvern Gardening Show 2013, two panels, back to back on a steel frame.

Mixed tiles, pebbles, semi precious stones, vitreous and smalti



 Robin R James               


Artist statement

Landscape and water, the patterns and forms it makes has become a focus of my current practice.  My awareness of the creative potential in this motif began a broader research on sculpture, art and environments, including the effect sculpture and water, in combination can have on people and places. 

Through this journey, I arrived at the question: how can I capture and make visual the flow of water and its effects?  My investigation and creative search led me to finding ways of interpreting, something of the movement and effects of flowing water in a variety of different materials.  This search further awakened me to the beauty of the landscape in artistic terms and has become an exciting inspiration for my mosaics and ceramic work. The process of art practice as research has become an important and far reaching addition to my work as an artist. 



December 2015Commissioned to make a paving slab 30cm sq. for a garden. Copy of Cirencester Hare from Roman Pavement Mosaic
October 2015Exhibited 5 mosaic pieces in the inaugural Exhibition at The Chedworth Roman Villa, GLoucestesrshire
2003 - currentCompleted a number of large mosaic murals, small mosaic panels and sculptures.
May 3013Mosaic feature wall displayed in the Show Garden 'Return to the Med' was designed by Andrew Jordan. The garden won a Silver Gilt Medal
November 2012Graduated with Masters in Entrepreneurship for Creative Practice
November 2001Graduated with BA in Art in the Community - Art, Craft and Design
2002-2010Worked as a freelance Community Artist in schools, youth centres, Art Centres, Camphill Villages and a psychiatric hospital.

It is difficult to pinpoint a start date for my creative practice as i have been a maker for as long as I can remember.  My background is in textiles with a strong interest in texture, materials, colour and form.  

The study and practice of Art in the Community for my BA opened my horizons to different materials and skill set, including collage and sculpture.

I further extended my skills base and interest in materials in my research journey for my MA as well as the wish to find a way to gain exposure for my work.