Dawn Aston




Bettas/Siamese fighting fish. The male Betta blows a bubble nest for the female to lay her eggs in. This artwork was inspired by my husband's passion for fishkeeping and breeding. The Bettas are particularly beautiful fish especially the male, and I wanted to capture their beauty and parental skill.




"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."


Dawn Aston is an experienced artist who graduated from Belfast College of Art with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art/Painting. 

Dawn specialises in mosaics, mixed media, paintings, portraiture, community and public art.  Dawn has exhibited regularly through the years and produces original pieces for sale and for commissions.

Dawn is also an award winning garden designer. Inspired by her experiences working with Diarmuid Gavin and Elma Fenton on their large show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, London in 2004 and 2005, she has since designed and produced 5 award winning show gardens at Bloom, Phoenix Park, Dublin. www.bloominthepark.com

Dawn's mosaic artworks were integral elements of the gardens, used to exploit natural light and provide differing perspectives and focal points.