CM Mosaics


CM Mosaics

CM Mosaics

Glass, Photography, Jewellery

West Midlands
United Kingdom


  • Artfinder online Gallery, London



I create abstract mosaics because the process enables a sense of flow and enjoyment that is just as rewarding as the finished pieces. Abstract mosaics are like puzzles with no predetermined outcomes. It is through reflection on the qualities of each tesserae, and how they will be combined, that the work comes together, piece by piece. The creative process entails a hermeneutic attempt to look at the whole and the parts, in order to arrive at possible interpretations of an emerging artwork. I find the contrasting colours and textures of glass materials aesthetically inspiring, which is why I enjoy working with smalti tesserae, cut into uneven shapes and sizes, and laid out following a contemporary andamento. For me, mosaic is happiness-in-process.


Caroline holds a BA in Social and Visual Communication. She has taken a number of university art studio courses including photography, graphic design, jewellery and silversmithing, surface pattern design, and a foundation degree in glass art at Central St. Martins. She has also studied mosaic art at Orsoni and with the Mosaizm collective.