Nathalie Vin





























I work in the domains of mixed media and Fine Art mosaic. I am best known for my explorative, highly intricate work involving intriguing and unusual techniques.

Unlike most mosaic artists, I do not specialise in any particular technique, or specific material such as marble, stone or smalti.

I do not attempt to represent nature or even aspire to be its hands. I guess I am more driven by contemporary culture and existential notions such as: man versus nature, permanence and impermanence, the Future and our attitude to it.

In everything I do, my creative approach is closely linked to the materials I use. I sometimes I start from a material which will then trigger “an idea” but in most cases, it is “the idea” that guides me toward specific materials leading me to work with very versatile materials ranging from lenticular imagery, holograms, gold, silver, phosphorescent materials, legos, clockwork parts, recycled metal objects, light and shadows…


Ultimately, my aim is to create powerful refined visual stories which once created, will be rewritten through the eyes and experience of the viewer.